For sponsors

Active Parents Active Kids is a non-profit making organisation founded by volunteers. We work with families in Lausanne and Vaud who are looking for fun, healthy, free and low-cost sports activities to do together.

To keep providing activities for them, we rely on grants, sponsorship and donations or pledges in kind.

We would love to hear from you if you think you could sponsor or partner with us, to help us to continue or expand our activities.

We would love to hear from anyone who is able to support us with:

  • Our activities:
    • Donations or loans of sports equipment.
    • Indoor and outdoor venues where we can host events.
    • Volunteers for our events. Maybe you would like to volunteer your staff as part of a community outreach programme?
  • Our communication:
    • Social media support. Following us on Facebook or Instagram and sharing our events is highly appreciated!
    • Community engagement support. Could you tell your network about us? If you work at a school, nursery or another organisation, we can send you some flyers to give to colleagues or clients.
    • An event where we could promote our activities with posters and flyers, or bring a sports coach to do a live demonstration.
    • Low cost or free printing or other marketing services.
  • Any other contribution:
    • A discount for our families on a sports or health related activity or service.
    • Refreshments or other merchandise for our families – such as healthy drinks and snacks, water bottles and travel tickets.
    • And, of course, money! Maybe your organisation would like to sponsor us financially, or you know of a grant programme we could apply for.

If you can help with any of this, or something else, please get in touch.