Parent-child kung fu class ages 4-6; 7-11

Salle de gym du Collège de l'Elysée

Avenue de l'Elysée 6, 1006 Lausanne


14:00 - 16:20

Non-members welcome

Age group

Recommended for children age 4-11. Younger children are welcome but they will probably not be able to follow the session (they can watch and play).

Important - times for this event:

Ages 7-11 doors open at 2pm;
course 2.15-3.15pm

Ages 4-6 doors open at 3.05pm;
course 3.20-4.20pm

More information

It has been a while since last time we saw each other. And we come back with a great lesson of kung fu, with Chan Qi Kung Fu & Tai Ji Academy. Everybody is welcome to come and have a go – no special skills needed, no particular fitness level expected.

Attendance is free of charge. Registration is recommended if you want to secure your place. Please just fill in the form below.

The important stuff

If you can, bring a pair of indoor sports shoes. If not, you can do the session in barefoot.

You’ll need a bottle of water. Please put your name on it.

Our only rule

Be prepared to have a go! All our activities are designed for a child with an adult (or 1 child + 2 adults; or 1 adult + 3 children; or 3 adults + 1 child; but never just the little people…)

To book places for you and your family, please fill in this form:


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Vos enfants sont nés en / Your children were born

Dates – printemps 2023

If you are unable to attend the event, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance so we can give your places to another family.

Our weekly events are free for everyone. It costs us CHF 10 per person to organise each session. If you would like to make a donation, please visit our Raise Now page.

Our partner for this event

Chan Qi Kung Fu & Tai Ji Academy is a non-profit association founded by Bénédicte Gulias (Bény) in July 2016.

The academy’s main purpose is the practice and teaching of Chinese martial arts, such as Kung Fu, Tai Ji and Qi Gong, with respect for the rules of framing, freedom of conscience and refrain from any illegal discrimination.

Our teaching is supervised and pedagogical, whose mission is above all to promote the personal development and fulfillment of each individual.

Chan Qi Academy is open to all children from 5 years old, teenagers, adults and seniors, wishing to cultivate the mastery of body and mind, to develop the strength of concentration and self-confidence, and wishing to promote health and well-being.