Parent-child Võ-Vietnam (age 4-6; age 7-11)

Gym hall of Collège de l'Elysée, next to the football field

Avenue de l'Elysée 6, 1006 Lausanne



14:00 - 16:20

Members only event

Age group

Recommended for children age 4-11. Younger brothers and sisters are welcome to spectate but they will not be able to follow the session (they can watch and play).

Important - times for this event:

Age 7-11 doors open at 2pm;
course 2.15-3.15pm

Age 4-6 doors open at 3.05pm;
course 3.20-4.20pm

More information

The course

Want to try your hand at the art of Vietnamese combat? “Võ Tu Ve” is the self-defense of Võ-Viêtnam, the word Võ meaning the art of combat or war.

Work on self-defence, sparring and various fist and foot techniques, as well as traditional weapons and rolls. Develop strength, flexibility, speed, balance and self-confidence.

All families with a child age 4 to 11 are welcome to come and have a go – no special skills needed, no particular fitness level expected.

Attendance is free of charge. Registration is essential.

The important stuff

It is recommended to do the session in indoor sports shoes. You’ll need a bottle of water. Please put your name on it.

Our only rule

Be prepared to have a go! All our activities are designed for a child with an adult (or 1 child + 2 adults; or 1 adult + 3 children; or 3 adults + 1 child; but never just the little people…)

How to book

To reserve places for you and your family, please follow these four simple steps:

1. Register as a member of Active Parents Active Kids – it’s free and easy to join! Membership will allow you to book places on our free parent and child sports classes on Sunday afternoons in Lausanne.

2. Once you have registered as a member, create a username and password.

3. Next, add each member of your family in the “Manage my family” section of the member area.

4. Finally, sign up each member of your family for the event, in the “Register the family” section of the member area.

Next time, you will be able to sign up everybody with just one click per person!

Our partner for this event

Võ-Vietnam is a traditional Vietnamese martial art, taught through combat techniques (bare hands and weapons) and self-defense, with the aim of developing physical and mental health.

The International Federation of Võ-Vietnam (FIVV), founded by Master Nguyen Duc Moc (1913-2009), aims to propagate and disseminate the teaching and philosophy of the SON LONG QUYEN THUAT school.

Võ-Vietnam Lausanne club teaches courses for children, teenagers and adults.